10 Years of Care


In 2017, we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Wood Buffalo Primary Care Network, one of the first three PCNs formed in Alberta! We were thrilled to embark upon the task of connecting with the clinicians, community members, and patients who defined our first Decade of Care.

Here's a great story that we received from one of our Weight Management patients:
"I came away with knowledge about who I am and real tools to combat old patterns. The clinicians cheer on patients as they take little steps, you know you are worth their time. The clinicians taught me that it is okay to take time for the program and not to feel guilty, an issue for many women. I have always had to utilize an extender when travelling on airplanes, but now I do not, I travel like everyone else. It amazed me that something so trivial, could signify so much in my life. For the first time in my life, I'm winning this battle that I had always been so afraid to face."