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After Hours Clinic

After Hours Clinic

Monday - Friday: 5:00pm - 10:00pm*
10:00am - 8:00pm*
Sunday: 12:00pm - 6:00pm*
 After Hours Clinic   
Stonycreek Village,
Unit 301, 108 Riverstone Ridge.

* Patient Registration starts 1/2 hour before the Family Physician begins seeing patients.  (4:30pm on weekdays, 9:30am on Saturdays, and 11:30am on Sundays).**

**Once the receptionists have registered the maximum number of patients to fill the clinic to capacity for the remainder of the evening, no more patients will be accepted. If you arrive late in the evening, understand that you may not be able to be seen.  

***Unless advertised otherwise, we are open our usual hours during statutory holidays.



Telephone: (780) 714-2193
Fax: (780) 714-6091
Address: #301 ​- 108 Riverstone Ridge Fort McMurray, AB. T9K 1S6.
We are located in Stonycreek Village in Timberlea.


1. Patients will not be seen if the purpose of their visit is to follow-up on tests or lab results.
2. Narcotics and other triplicate drugs will not be prescribed.
3. The AHC does not process WCB.
4. Short-term prescription renewals will be prescribed a maximum of three-times per year.

These guidelines were adopted to ensure that patients with urgent concerns can be seen in a timely manner, and to encourage patients to seek care from the right provider at the right time; the After Hours Clinic is not intended to serve as a primary source of care, and can not replace the function of a regular Family Physician who knows your medical history and can follow you closely over time. Prescription refills, follow-up care, and the prescription of narcotics and other triplicate drugs are not urgent concerns and can be planned for in advance in partnership with your Family Physician.

If you do not yet have a local Family Physician in Fort McMurray, you can find a list of physicians accepting new patients here.


The After Hours Clinic provides walk-in medical care services to residents of Fort McMurray at no direct cost to patients; if, however, you do not have valid health insurance, or are not visiting us for medical care alone and require the completion of paperwork or some other service that is not covered under Alberta's Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP), a fee may be required.


We are able to bill to all provinces, with the exception of Quebec (Quebec does not have a reciprocal healthcare payment agreement with other provinces). If you do not have health insurance from another province but can prove that you are a Canadian citizen, or are from Quebec, your visit will entail a fee. If you are from Quebec, you may be able to submit your receipt to Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec for reimbursement.

COMPANY FORM: $50 - $100

Payment Methods Accepted: Cash, Debit (No Credit Cards)


If the Physician you see at the After Hours Clinic recommends that you have further testing completed, and they provide you with a requisition, you need to plan to follow-up on your Test Results with a Local Family Physician at their regular daytime office.

If you have had Testing completed and you are waiting for your Results:

XDO NOT wait for a Phone Call notifying you about your results

Many patients mistakenly assume that they will be called if their results are important, and that they do not need to follow-up with their Doctor if they do not receive a call. This is an unsafe assumption - you will not be called about your results, you need to be proactive about your Follow-Up Care.

XDO NOT return to the After Hours Clinic looking for your results

The After Hours Clinic is a walk-in clinic only. Because we are staffed by a rotation of local doctors who also all run their own daytime practices, we cannot provide Follow-Up Care and do not provide visits to review lab results.

BOOK a Follow-Up Appointment with a Local Doctor

After every test, plan ahead and book a Follow-Up Visit with a Local Family Physician. In Alberta, most lab results are uploaded into Netcare, a system which Family Physicians can access. If you do not yet have a Family Doctor, you can find a list of physicians accepting new patients here. You can call the clinics listed on that page to book an appointment with those physicians, and they will be able to look up your results to review them with you.


You must bring your Personal Health Card and Photo ID every time you visit the Clinic.

If you don't have Alberta Health Insurance: the After Hours Clinic can bill to all other provinces, with the exception of Quebec; however, if you have been living in Alberta for longer than three months, your insurance from your home province may no longer be valid. If you have been living in Alberta for 90 days or more, you are eligible to register for the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP).


medical-record-noun.jpg Need access to medical records in the custody of the WBPCN?

We receive a large number of requests for copies of visit notes, lab results, and other documentation - please note that unless the request satisfies the legal requirements established by Alberta's Health Information Act, we will not be able to release any confidential information, and we will ask that you resubmit your request using properly-completed HIA-compliant forms. To avoid a delay in the processing of your request, please review the documents below.

Can I walk-in and ask for all of my records? How long does the process take?

We are not able to respond to walk-in requests for same-day release of medical records, as all requests are directed to our Privacy Officer for review and processing. Under the HIA, we have up to 30 days to respond to requests for information; however, our typical turnaround time is much quicker. If you have questions about the process, please email us at, fax our Central Clinic administration at 780-714-6091, or call our Central Clinic reception at 780-714-2193 and ask to speak with our Privacy Officer.

If you have never submitted a request for access to your medical information before, we recommend that you begin by filling out our HIA Access Request form; this will help us to learn more about the context of your request, so that we can formulate a helpful response that will expedite the process:
WBPCN - HIA Access Request Form

If you are comfortable with the disclosure process (e.g. you have completed the process before, or are the legal counsel or insurance agent of one of our patients) and are just looking for our consent to disclosure form, we recommend that you download and complete our HIA s34 Disclosure Consent Form:
WBCN - HIA s34 Disclosure Consent Form


The Wood Buffalo Primary Care Network (WBPCN) is a team comprised of all of Fort McMurray's Family Physicians, as well as a wide array of other healthcare professionals, including Nurses, Dietitians, Pharmacists, Exercise Specialists, and Counsellors. We develop healthcare programs and services tailored to the unique needs of our community.

We launched the After Hours Clinic in April 2013 in order to provide increased access to care for local residents who may not have regular access to primary care during normal business hours, due to their work schedule or otherwise.

Anyone with or without a local family physician is welcome to visit the After Hours Clinic; however, if you do not have a local family physician, you will be connected with one when you arrive at the clinic, to ensure that you have a medical home here in Fort McMurray. We are committed to providing not only convenient, but comprehensive medical care.

​​​Contact the PCN for more details.