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Heart & Stroke

The Heart & Stroke Program is open to patients who have a history of cardiovascular disease and to those who are at risk.

Patients of the program have the choice of attending group education sessions or one-on-one visits with a wide variety of health professionals, including dietitians, a cardiac nurse, an exercise specialist, mental health therapist, and a pharmacist.

Referral Process

If you were hospitalized in Fort McMurray for a cardiac episode, a PCN Navigator (Registered Nurse) will personally facilitate your referral and coordinate your enrollment in the program.
If you have a history of heart disease or have had a cardiac episode in the past, ask your family physician for a referral to the Wood Buffalo PCN. Also, if you are worried about your heart health or cholesterol, or your doctor has identified you as being at risk for heart disease, ask your family physician for a referral to the Wood Buffalo PCN.